I already have a lot of effort in place, across several platforms.Is this the same thing?

No. While these multi channel marketing and sales efforts are certainly a good start, omni channel efforts are the best strategy. “Multi” simply means that your brand can be found anywhere, like on home mailers, social media, via organic search results online, physical signs around town, and more. “Omni” means your brand will not only be everywhere, but all channels will have a unified message and branding. This has been proven to be what customers want- a smooth, similar experience with a brand regardless of the chosen touchpoint.

Why can’t I keep doing sales and marketing the way I always have?

It’s hard to change; we get that. Technology, lifestyles, as well as people’s relationships with brands move quickly. It’s your job to keep up and give them what they want. Twenty years ago, no one in your industry had a website, yet now it would be unheard of to try and run a successful business without one. The same change occurred recently with social media platforms, like Facebook. Now, your company must unify all of these messages and present yourself with one symbiotic branding effort. It’s tough to keep up with it all, and understand the data telling you the right places to be. That’s why we’ll help you every step of the way.

Once someone converts to a customer, aren’t I finished with them?

No way! Your customer lifecycle isn’t a closed circle, more like a continuous loop. Let’s use the HVAC industry as an example. Someone converts from being a potential customer to a sale when they purchase an HVAC unit from your company. That’s great, but you aren’t ready to close them and move on yet. You’ll want to follow up on the sale and make sure they are satisfied, notify them when they’re warranty is nearly expiration, remind them when it’s time for regular scheduled maintenance, and so on. If you are letting customers out of your sight once they buy from you, you are missing extremely valuable touchpoints. This is true for the real estate industry, automotive industry, and any other.