Welcome to the getting started guide for SmartPixl.

In preparation to receive smartpixl data from your site there are a few technical requirements we require for you to receive SmartPixl information about your website views;

1) Set up email accounts through your email service with the following names and make sure to enable “3rd party application” access;

2) Send us the following information so that we can access these 3 accounts;

  SMTP Server:
     • Port:
     • Email Address:
     • Password:
     • Is security required?
     • If Yes what security type?

3) Add the following to your existing website

     • smartpixl code that we will provide to the header code of your website
     • Additional Privacy Policy text for SmartPixl. Click here for sample copy.
     • An unsubscribe page. Click here for sample page.  


Congratulations your trigger has been updated. This change will remain in effect until you change it again with This Quick Change Tool or on the Customer administration portal.

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